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(32) Patient Comfort Wax Cases

Price: $55.00
SKU Designer Colors Quantity Price Qty.
WAXBALI Bali Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXBOOT Boot Camp Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXCHERRY Cherry Blossom Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXCITRUS Citrus Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXCONFETTI Confetti Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXCYMBIDIUM Cymbidium Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXFALL Fall Sensation Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXFIESTA Fiesta Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXGLITTER Glitter Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXGLORY Glory Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXKWANZAA Kwanzaa Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXLEXIE Lexie Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXMARDI Mardi Gras Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXPEPPER Peppermint Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXREVEL Revel Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXRIPPLE Ripple Effect Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXSAFARI Safari Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXSASSY Sassy Salsa Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXSEA Sea Breeze Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXSHOWTIME Showtime Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXTAOS Taos Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXTROPICANA Tropicana Mix 100/box $55.00
WAXPRINTSILVER Silver Imprinting One foil color per order $0.00

Patient Comfort Wax Cases are marbleized assortments and contain 5 sticks of clear, unscented paraffin wax. Ridges molded into the bottom allow for easy wax removal.  Measures 2½ ” wide x 1½” long x ½” high. Sold in boxes of 100. Also available without wax. Free imprinting available on most wax case assortments. Manufactured with virgin materials in our facilities in the USA. BPA free.

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