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(33) Ball Clasp, Solder, Flux, Face Bow, Pal Key

Price: $2.50 - $222.65
SKU Description Quantity Price Qty.
PALKEY Palatal Key w/Blue Swivel handle 1 each $2.50
PALKEY5 Palatal Key w/Blue Swivel handle 5/pack $12.50
PCLASP028 .028 Premium Ball Clasps 100/pack $25.00
PCLASP032 .032 Premium Ball Clasps 100/pack $25.00
PCLASP036 .036 Premium Ball Clasps 100/pack $25.00
PCLASP040 .040 Premium Ball Clasps 100/pack $25.00
VCLASP028 .028 Value Ball Clasps 100/pack $15.00
VCLASP032 .032 Value Ball Clasps 100/pack $15.00
SOLDER1 1 troy oz. Solder 1 coil $44.53
SOLDER3 3 troy oz. Solder 1 coil $133.59
SOLDER5 5 troy oz. Solder 1 coil $222.65
FLUXS Ultra Flux 1/4 lb. Jar 1 jar $8.75
FLUXL Ultra Flux 1/2 lb. Jar 1 jar $9.00
HEATSHIELD Heat Shield 2oz. tube 1 tube $5.50
FACE4 #4 38mm Face Bow Straight 10/pack $12.50
FACE5 #5 41mm Face Bow Straight 10/pack $12.50
FACE6 #6 44mm Face Bow Straight 10/pack $12.50

Premium Ball Clasps are precision formed, spring tempered and extremely shiny. Available in sizes .028, .032, .036, .040.

Economy Ball Clasps are precision formed and spring tempered but are not as shiny as the Premium clasps. Available in sizes .028 and .032.

Silver Solder is a cadmium free alloy. The solder has the lowest bronzing temperature and best wetting and flow of all the cadmium free alloys. Low zinc content minimizes problems caused by longer heating cycles or excessive heating. Excellent color match.

WIRE DIAMETER 1/32 (.032)

Flux is designed for use with all solder bronzing alloys on most metals, with the exception of aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. Effective to 1600°F and above.

Flat Face Bow with no loops. Wire is .032 diameter with a swaged length that fits mesial to the cuspid. Ample wire lengths let you wrap around second molar to close all spaces when activated. Sizes are measured distal to distal.

Now you can repair acrylic retainers in the office. Just place this Heat Shield compound on the acrylic and mend the stainless steel piece to be repaired.

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