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(14) Etches

Price: $2.00 - $39.00
SKU Description Price Qty.
ETCHVIS9CC Viscous Etch 9cc Bottle $10.00
ETCH12GM Emerald Etch 12gm Syringe $10.00
ETCH8OZ Emerald Etch 8oz. Bottle $29.00
ETCHGREEN50 Emerald Etch 50ml Kit $39.00
ETCHRED50 Red Etch 50 ml Kit $39.00
ETCH4GM Aqua Etch 4gm Syringe $10.00
ETCHSYRINGE Empty 12gm Syringe $2.00
ETCHTIPSMETAL20 20-gauge Locking Tips (25/pk) $5.95
ETCHTIPSMETAL22 22-gauge Locking Tips (25/pk) $5.95
ETCHTIPSMETAL25 25-gauge Locking Tips (25/pk) $5.95

Etch is 37% phosphoric acid. Place a small amount on a sponge or cotton pellet and rub the surface of the enamel for 1½ to 2 minutes; wash and evacuate; air dry. Our etch is designed to prevent the material from flowing near the gingival area.

Luer-Lock Dispensing Tips are available in three sizes: 20 gauge, 22 gauge, and 25 gauge. The size gauge you use will determine the pressure needed to extrude the etch.

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